Work with us

At the CTAIMA Group we are committed to offering an excellent and professional service to our clients through our different lines of service.

Work with us

At CTAIMA you will be able to develop your professional career in different areas and business lines. With us you will be able to participate in exciting projects with top-level clients, work side by side with colleagues with excellent training, learn about different industries. Evolve, improve, innovate

Connecting more than 100,000 contractors

with more than 700 companies as owners

Why should you come with us?


We have a whole welcome plan with training, tutoring and feedback on the adaptation.


Discounts and economic benefits as a result of agreements signed with companies in various sectors.


Each position has associated with it an expected growth and development supported by training plans, certifications, training pills and webinars.


We like our entire team to share the company's strategic objectives, achievements and challenges. We have an internal communication plan based on transparency.

Young Talent

We promote first job opportunities and career development. We participate in the DUAL VET project for PRL Technicians Expert in Coordination of Business Activities.

Equality and Diversity

At CTAIMA we believe in Diversity, which guarantees innovation and ensures better results. We also promote Equality in our plans, actions and proposals for our employees.

Environment and method TECH

Our IT team works with AGILE methodology, innovating and evolving our Services and Products thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Happy and Healthy Company

We offer you a working environment adapted to your well-being at work, as well as healthy activities and actions to ensure your satisfaction and happiness.


CTAIMA's staff is a professional, specialised, diverse and young team. Our average age is 35. We are a diverse team, highly qualified in terms of training and experience, committed and involved in the CTAIMA project.

CTAIMA profiles

Whether your profile is senior or junior, CTAIMA is an ideal platform for your development, thanks to its constant search for continuous improvement and excellence. The high demands imposed on a consultancy firm have an impact on the knowledge acquired by its professionals.

At CTAIMA you will be able to progress and see your dedication recognised.

Each professional level entails different responsibilities.

The profiles most in demand in the group are:


Technician Profile (CFGS PRL). They manage the validation of our clients' CAE documentation with the CTAIMACAE platform. They attend to and manage our clients' queries and incidents.


Expert profiles in sales and customer management. They are responsible for the marketing of products (software, training courses...) and consultancy and outsourcing services. They carry out market prospecting to identify future customers with needs that Ctaima can solve. They are in charge of generating leads, making demos and commercial presentations, following up the client, always providing differential value until the sale is closed.

HELP DESK and Support

PRL -CAE technical profiles, knowledgeable in the SW, who resolve incidents and queries regarding the use of the platform or document management. They attend to clients via email and telephone.

Administrative CAE : CAE DOCUMENTA CAE

Profile Tec. PRL (CFGS PRL) or Administrative with experience in CAE Documentary management in different platforms. They manage the CAE for contractor clients who must upload the documentation to different softwares. They are experts in SW CAE and manage any incidents or queries from clients.


University profiles, technical and engineering degrees, with postgraduate and master's degrees of specialisation in each of the areas of knowledge where CTAIMA provides value. (ENVIRONMENT, MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, OCCUPATIONAL RISK PREVENTION - CAE). They are in charge of solving problems or making improvements and optimising processes in client companies. They are the technical and knowledge references for our clients. They ensure the continuous improvement and optimisation of our clients' companies.

Technicians MK Digital

The profiles are technical experts in digital marketing, communication, events and public relations. They position the company in SEO and SEM, manage the launch of promotional campaigns and events for the different lines of business, generate online leads, design and maintain the group's websites, and support the sales team in the marketing and sale of products and services.

IT Developers

Profiles in Computer Engineering or CFGS Systems. With experience in programming in C# and . NET Web environment. They are programmers of the CTAIMA Group's SW, for New Developments, as well as for the maintenance and improvement of existing ones. There is a Career Development Plan, which includes the achievement of Certifications, as well as the possibility of growing in the different existing positions (Devops, Analysts, Architects, QA, Scrum Master, ....).


CTAIMA is a leading technology company at the service of its clients, providing integrated solutions for digital transformation and consultancy in the areas of contractor management, occupational health and safety, quality and the environment.







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