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Sistema comunitario de gestión y auditoría medioambiental EMAS

What is the EMAS?

This EMAS model is based on the ISO 14001 standard, but contains its own requirements that make it a model of excellence for environmental management.

The community environmental management and audit system EMAS is a voluntary system aimed at companies and organizations that want to commit to assessing, managing and improving their behavior in environmental matters.

The fundamental principles of the EMAS certification are performance, credibility and transparency that are transmitted through the publication of the Environmental Declaration of the member companies.

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How to get the EMAS?

The EMAS regulation ensures that companies have active responsibility and that they must ensure the least environmental impact of their activities, services or products.

To achieve EMAS certification, it will be necessary to follow a series of key points:

• Prepare the Environmental Assessment where the initial conditions of the implemented Environmental Management System are established.
• Incorporate and involve all employees and suppliers in the environmental program.
• Start up the environmental management system.
• Publish an environmental Declaration detailing the environmental objectives, environmental performance and the development of the organization's Management System.
• Validate the Environmental Declaration by an accredited entity.

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What are the requirements to register with EMAS?

In addition to the requirements linked to the implementation of the Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 standard, EMAS certification requires additional requirements, which are:

• Anticipate the approval of new environmental requirements.
• Define indicators of environmental performance from the perspective of the life cycle and based on risks.
• Validate the Environmental Declaration by an independent and accredited verifier.
• Take into account in the development of the Environmental Management System the “Sector reference documents” that contain the best environmental management practices, indicators of environmental behavior and benchmarking of excellence by sector.

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